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Hi, my name is Hugo, I support companies in their digital transformation, from the definition of needs, software architecture, development and DevSecOps practices. I have a particular affinity for best practices, code quality and software optimization.

# Experiences Angular тип

Tech lead .NET @CGI 2022 - Now
Mercedes-Benz France

Development, code reviews and implementation of development strategies and best practices in development teams.

C# .Net Core Angular Javascript PostgreSQL
Tech lead .NET @CGI 10/21 - 05/22
Mercedes-Benz France

Analysis, costing and migration of a .NET Framework application with an Angular frontend to DevSecOps environments. Upgrading backend to .NET 6, migrating from MSSQL to PostgreSQL, adaptating application components, code cleaning , implementing lacking best practices (DI, caching, logging, query optimizations..) and containerizing frontend and backend with Docker and Podman.

C# .Net Core Angular Javascript Docker PostgreSQL